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Styling Your Hair with Crochet Braids

Are you thinking of getting braids but want to avoid the hassle of maintaining them? Are you afraid of damaging your hair while getting your braids done? Many first-timers often feel afraid and overwhelmed when getting mohawk braids, triangle

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Spiritual Representation of Braided Hair Styles

Getting a medium box, mohawk, or knotless braid in Maryland is not merely a trend. They also possess spiritual representation. Hence, the next time you get your braids done, remember that braids mean: Societal status. Dutch braids symbolize prestige, wealth, and

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Tips to Keep Your Braids for a Longer Time

At Stelly Bums, your hair salon in Lanham, Maryland, we can beautifully transform your hair into clean and elegant braids! We have received good feedback from our satisfied customers, but we have heard countless complaints as well. More often than not,

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