Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Box Braids



Although they have been around for a while, small to large box braids continue to stay popular due to their longevity and versatility. To help you decide if box braids are for you, we will answer your most frequently asked questions about the braiding style:

  • How long do box braids last?In general, small-sized braids last longer but also take longer to install. If you only want box braids for a few weeks before switching to mohawk braids, larger braids will suffice. The length of the braiding session will also depend on the speed of the braider and hair length.
  • How do I sleep with braids?Cover your braids with a silk scarf or hair bonnet and sleep on a satin pillowcase. This will protect your braids from friction caused by the pillowcase and prevent frizziness when you wake up in the morning.
  • Will box braids damage my hair?Before hair salon services, it’s always a good idea to cleanse your hair to remove buildup and then follow up with a deep conditioner. Add a generous amount of moisturizer and oil to seal it in and keep your hair and scalp protected. With the right braider and self-care or maintenance, there’s no reason why your hair should get damaged.
  • Can I wash my braids?Yes, you can wash box braids. Use a clear shampoo and apply it to the salp. Let the suds run down the length of the hair. When you are drying, tie your braids down flat to keep them from frizzing as they dry.

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