Are You Planning to Get DIY Braids?


Access to information and resources has empowered many individuals to do stuff themselves. When it comes to styling our hair, learning about a new style can be done with a quick search online. A lot of videos, vlogs, and blogs will be presented to you faster than the wink of an eye.

Despite the knowledge and tools within your reach, does it always mean that doing it yourself is the best choice? Maybe. Maybe not. Everything depends on different factors. If you are thinking about doing your braids, there are merits on both sides – the side that tells you it is a great idea and the other that cautions you into getting it done.

You can braid your hair yourself at home, provided that you know how to execute it. Some braids can be simple to learn, while others may require practice or learn from an expert.

However, when it is your first time getting the specific style of braid, and it looks complicated, it may be best to get it from a trusted salon and learn as much as possible from our hair staff.

Are you planning to get Large Box Braids?

Perhaps, you are considering a Knotless Braid in Maryland?

When it comes to African Braiding in Lanham, Maryland, the trusted team at Stelly Bums can deliver what you prefer.

Contact us today and choose from our variety of hair styles.

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