Braids and Culture: A Brief History


Braids may be prevalent across the world in modern times but there is more to this than just being a style. It is time to take a look at the history, culture, and roots that celebrate our proud ancestry.

The hair braiding style has been traced to early African culture as a popular option for women. The braid can also identify the tribe to which the person belongs. African tribes braid their hair in unique styles and are proud to represent their affiliation wherever they may go. In a diverse space such as Africa, the feeling of being part of the community is celebrated and locked one braid at a time.

Braiding is an art form, too – which means the quality can also determine a person’s class and status in society. Elaborate braids take time to create and the stunning output can determine wealth.

Braiding the hair is a culture and legacy passed down through generations. African elders would spend time braiding the hair of their youngsters and the kids would observe and replicate what they saw.

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