Can You Sleep with Your Hair on a Braid?


Sleeping with a hair braid – is it possible? Is it bad? Is it comfortable?

One of the many aspects a person may ask about their hair is their sleeping condition. After all, sleeping or lying in bed is one of the most common activities a person will do at any given time.

So, braids during sleeping? Yes and no.

Sleeping in braids can get your hair damaged when you are not taking any precautions. Sleeping in braids can also be beneficial when done right.

For the advantages, sleeping with your braid lets you avoid tangles and snags when you are tossing and turning through the night. This eventually prevents hair damage. Braids also lock the moisture within the hair instead of letting it seep into the pillows.

As a precaution, your pillowcases and bedsheets should not be rough or edgy. Silk surfaces reduce the tension that can damage your hair. You can also choose to wear a nightcap to keep your hair intact. Make sure your hair is not wet before braiding, as the hair is more fragile and prone to damage.

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