Choosing Between Crochet or Tree Braids Style


When you make an appointment for hair salon services to try out different braid styles for your hair, it can be a little challenging to pick one.
Tree braids and crochet braids are some of the most known braid hairstyles that most women want to try nowadays. If you’re one of those people who want to learn what’s good to choose, you first need to know about both styles.
The African tree braid is a protective hairstyle that takes its name from how it is braided, as the hair is fastened and braided at the base and is not re-braided again until it reaches the ends.
As an expert in African braiding in Lanham, Maryland, this method of styling your hair can offer you the confidence of separate braids while giving the impression of having your hair down. Since you’re preventing the extension hair from slipping by tying it into a knot, this method is very safe.
Meanwhile, crochet braiding is a style that one may use to create many different hairdos, from loose waves to braids to twists to locs and other hair techniques. They are a fantastic choice for naturals who want to maintain their curls while experimenting with new hair colors, lengths, and textures.
Ultimately, it’s up to your decision what you think is best for your hair or what hairstyle you feel like trying out for a change! Whether it’s crochet, tree braids, or even a knotless braid in MarylandStelly Bums can do them for you!
So, what are you waiting for today? You can book an appointment with us right away!

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