Choosing the Right Hair Salon and Stylist


Today, more and more men and women are getting their hair braided. Braids are a popular low-maintenance way to style your hair, saving you time on day-to-day styling. And, of course, they look great too! The increase in popularity of braids has also led to more hair salons offering them to customers.

How do you choose the right hair stylist and hair salon in Lanham, Maryland? Location is one key consideration. You need to set a day aside to get your braids done for the first time. Then, you need to go back to the salon from time to time for touch-ups. That is why choosing a salon within walking distance of your home or workplace would be great.

It’s also essential to choose a salon that offers the kind of braids you want to wear. Are you looking for knotless braid in Maryland or maybe some triangle box braids? Are you wondering about the price? Salons charging budget rates may be more affordable, but those charging premium rates may be better at styling and protecting your hair.

Having trust and confidence in your hair stylist is also a must. Of course, they should be a qualified beauty professional with experience executing hairstyles for persons with various hair types and textures. Try to find someone who specializes in the specific braid style you want.

If you are looking for a hair salon in Maryland you can trust, Stelly Bums is here for you. We are experts on all types of braids, from mohawk braids to tree braids. Call us today at 774-477-9606!

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