Common Hair Care Myths That Do More Damage


Healthy hair is a common objective, but some of us may be doing more harm than good—without knowing the real score. Popular misconceptions continue to exist and have been promoted extensively through modern channels. It is time to settle the score and stop ourselves from harming our hair when we are only thinking about its health.

  • Myth – A hundred strokes a day make the hair healthy.
  • Fact – Rigorous combing or too much brushing causes friction that damages the hair and weakens the roots. Instead, brush slowly and use gentle bristles to stimulate blood circulation and oil production on the scalp.
  • Myth – More trims, more hair growth.
  • Fact – Hair growth starts from the scalp follicles that are – in no way – affected by giving your hair a trim. While regular trimming can keep split ends at bay, it should not be used to expect more hair growth.
  • Myth – Braids are forever built.
  • Fact – Braiding may seem like a more robust hairstyle, but it does not mean we should stop taking care of it. Braid maintenance practices are in place to preserve the quality of hair, so the braids last longer—not “forever”.

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