Discover Top Trends in African Braid Hairstyles



Embracing one’s heritage while staying ahead of the latest trends is what African braid hairstyles are all about. Dynamic and diverse, these styles not only protect your natural mane but also make a striking fashion statement. Let’s explore five braiding trends that are dominating the hair scene.

Beginning our list, knotless braid in Maryland stands out for its comfort and seamless look. By avoiding the knot, this trend eliminates scalp tension, making it a healthier option for your hair. Its popularity is soaring as it effortlessly combines style with hair care.

Mohawk braids infuse a rebellious streak into braided hairstyles. They sculpt the hair into an edgy ‘hawk’ that commands attention. This trend caters to the bold at heart, offering a perfect mix of punk rock and elegance.

Triangle box braids innovate upon classic box braids by parting the hair into triangular sections. This geometric flair introduces a fresh aesthetic and is swiftly becoming a must-have for fashion-forward individuals.

Feed-in braids create a natural progression from thin to thick, giving a tapered and sophisticated look. Also known as invisible braids, they blend extensions with your hair, offering a fuller and more extended braid.

Last on our trend list is goddess braids. These are thicker, raised braids with a regal finish that exudes a statuesque beauty. Often intertwined with accessories or curls, they’re making waves as a luxurious hairstyle choice.

If you’re ready to elevate your look with these vibrant African braid styles, your search ends here. Stelly Bums, a renowned hair salon in Lanham, Maryland, is the perfect destination for all your hairstyle needs. Our experienced stylists possess the skill and care to bring these trends to life, catering to your unique tastes. Book an appointment today and let us redefine your braiding experience.

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