Essential Box Braid Styling Tips


When it comes to getting new braid hairstyles, nothing beats getting box braids. A timeless, low-maintenance hairstyle that looks amazing when done right, box braids look and feel amazing. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding box braids, as they come in many sizes, from micro to jumbo.

The right braid size differs per person, depending on their hair type, hair length, and styling preference. Customizations are available for most braid styles, including mohawk braids, feed-in braids, tree braids, and more.

Hair salons with great stylists can advise you on which box braid sizes would work best for you.

Medium box braids are great if you want to retain your hair length. They are as thick as pencils and last around ten weeks. Meanwhile, large box braids are as thick as markers. They last longer than other box braids and are an excellent option for those looking to save time and money.

Finding the right hair salon for you is more complicated than just searching for African Braiding in Lanham, Maryland, or a similar phrase online. It is vital that the salon and its stylists can execute the braid styles you want that fit both your standards and your budget.

Talk with a stylist in your prospective braid shop to learn if they are right for you. Whether you want a box braid or a knotless braid in Maryland, Stelly Bums is here for you. Call us today at 774-477-9606 to set an appointment.

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