Get to Know the Different Braided Hairstyles



If you are on the hunt for a new hairstyle, consider hair braiding. It’s a seamless style transition that offers several options for varying hair textures and lengths. To give you a better idea, we break down the different African braided hair styles we offer:

  • Knotless

    The knotless braid in Maryland is ideal if your scalp tends to be more sensitive to tension. It’s also a good option if you prefer a more natural look at the root. Knotless braids consist of weaving braided hair into your own hair in a flat formation. This continues into cornrows or comes off your head depending on hair length. This type of braid puts less tension on fragile edges and protects them from breakage.

  • Tree

    Tree braids are considered a protective style and take less time to install. Also known as invisible braids, this braiding technique is used to add length and fullness to your hair and can also be used to create different styles like ponytails and updos. This type of braid is relatively low-maintenance and can last for several months with proper care and maintenance.

  • Jumbo Box

    Box braids never go out of style and that includes jumbo box braids. This is a type of three-strand braiding style that evolved from box braids that put less pressure on the scalp. They provide a chunky look and extra length especially when hair extensions are added. The right size for your box braids will depend on factors like your personal style and your hair’s natural thickness.

Stelly Bums is your trusted African braiding hair salon in Lanham, Maryland. We specialize in a variety of braided hairstyles that match your unique style and needs. Set an appointment with us to get started!

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