How to Take Care of Your Braids


how-to-take-care-of-your-braidsIf you love to style your hair but don’t want to spend too much time daily, braids can be a great option for you. You enjoy a great hairdo without much effort. But this does not mean braids should be neglected now that they do not need too much attention. Your hair continues to need nourishment and care to thrive. Healthy hair means great braids for an extended time.

But, how should you take care of the braids when they still look too good? Here are some tips to maintain your braids.

  • Moisturize your scalp from the options recommended by your stylist.
  • Clean your braids and scalp with clarifying shampoo or micellar water cleanser.
  • Redo the edges from time to time.
  • Wrap your head with silk or satin wrap before falling asleep.
  • Give your braids a break from time to time – so they can be ready for another great one.

Large Box Braids and Mohawk Braids can be a personal statement – your trademark. As such, your braids deserve quality protection.

Consult with your trusted Hair Salon in Lanham, Maryland about nourishment and hygiene. Our braid experts at Stelly Bums look forward to sharing our hair care tips.

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