Know What You Want and What You Can Have


Do you want braids? Great! Because we have so many services for you – which calls for another question, which braid would you want to have?

Before anything else, doing your research can save you time and resources later on. Research can also help manage your expectations as well as give you as many options as possible until you have decided on your preference.

Getting cool braids is made possible by your trusted Hair Salon in Lanham, Maryland. We suggest that our clients take the time they need to know what they want. At the same time, knowing your dream braid requires confirmation that it is possible. Each style works best for a suitable person or situation. Your hair can also determine the braids applicable to you.

The dozens of options can be overwhelming but we can help you find the style you would be excited to see every morning. Aside from discussing the suitable styling options based on your hair and profile, you should also think ahead. For example, how the maintenance of each braid would mean to your routine.

Have you been thinking about having Triangle Box Braids or Knotless Braid in Maryland?

Stelly Bums offers many Hair Styles to match your character. Visit our website for more services.

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