Outside the Box: The Many Box Styles for Braids


Innovative. Creative. Free.

If any (or all) of these words describe who you are, there is a good chance that it manifests in your physical appearance. Your hairstyle can speak about your character. And if so, you may find the creativity and uniqueness you are looking after through African Braiding in Lanham, Maryland.

Braids are not just a typical hairstyle – once you go outside the box, you see a variety of choices for you.

If you are looking for edgy and cool, you can show that side through Mohawk Braids. This strong style allows you to wear a mohawk without losing your hair. At the same time, the braids add creativity to the mohawk that can be personalized for you.

If you want to go traditional but retain a good style, you can get Knotless Braid in Maryland. Knotless braids are very versatile. These three-strand box braids can be done in different lengths and sizes. The gradual addition of synthetic hair is a safe route, as there is less pulling and tension in the roots.

If you love shapes and patterns, Triangle Box Braids are a great choice. This option is flexible and keeps the hair moisturized while displaying triangles or stars. The uniqueness it brings can seem understated but definitely on a higher level.

There are many styles for you, but spots are limited. Confirm your hair appointment at Stelly Bums today!

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