Popular African Braided Hairstyles


African hair braiding will always be one of those in-season hair styles that offer options for varying hair lengths and textures.

Extra-long braids have been going strong all summer, with people opting for box braids and twists that are waist length and longer. Even with this length trend, the variations in braid sizes, feed-in technique, and hair texture allow for customized styling.

It’s best to start any of these popular braided looks at our African Braiding in Lanham, Maryland:

  • Goddess Braids

    One of the most visually stunning hairstyles for natural hair that you may be seeing a lot these days are goddess braids. This look combines cornrows of different sizes, often in an intricate pattern that looks like a work of art.

  • Triangle Box Braids

    It can be a nice departure from classic box braids. This version takes the style up a notch by creating triangle-shaped parts instead of classic, square versions. You can also try bold or large box braids to ramp up the style.

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