Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Hair Braids


Stelly Bums, your provider of African braiding in Lanham, Maryland, offers the cleanest and most affordable hair braiding services in town!

With the quality and cost-effectiveness, our services offer, many customers are interested in trying our hair salon services. We are very willing to cater to you, but make sure you’ve made a lot of considerations before getting hair braids. The following questions might help.

  • Is your hair healthy? Weak, fine, and recovering from damaged hairs should be kept off braiding for a while. Although our mohawk braids services are highly recommended, getting one with vulnerable hair can lead to breakage and shedding.
  • Is your hair trimmed and detangled? Getting rid of split ends can give you a nice Bohemian knotless or stitch because the appearance will look smoother. Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner will improve the strength of your hair.
  • Have you gotten relaxing treatments recently? Getting braids after relaxing will pull your hair from its roots because the products used for the relaxing treatment make your hair elastic and heavier. Hence, never get hair braiding services after any hair treatment, especially relax.
  • Is your braid getting done by a professional? Entrusting your hair with hair braiding professionals guarantees 99% success every time. Hair braiding services providers like us can realize your dream of having that smooth and elegant-looking braid.

If you’ve made all your considerations based on the above-mentioned questions and are still up for it, then you’re ready to get your hair braided. If you’re interested in trying our services, set an appointment with us at Our triangle box braids are highly recommended. Contact us to get started!

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