Reasons Why Braids Can Be Good for You


Did you know that getting braids, such as mohawk braids, can benefit your hair?

As a professional Hair Salon in Lanham, Maryland, here are the reasons to convince you to get that braid:

  • Braids can help strengthen your hair.

    You can avoid hair breakage in the long run as braids help strengthen your hair’s structure and improve hair growth.

  • Braids keep your hair moisturized.

    By having braids like Tree Braids, your hair can lock in moisture and nourishment, thus preventing it from getting dry and frizzy.

  • Braids help avoid split ends.

    Hair braiding helps protect our hair from UV radiation and pollutants. Your hair is less likely to fall out and be exposed, preventing split ends.

  • Braids maintain your hair even as you sleep.

    Braiding your hair before going to bed may have wonderful benefits since it produces less friction than tying your hair up and having it rub against your pillow cover.

In addition to braiding, it is essential to provide enough nutrition for the hair and maintain a regular hair care routine, both of which can be done under the guidance of our stylists at Stelly Bums.

Aside from hair braiding, we also offer other hair salon services. Give us a call today and book your appointment.

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