Regular Braid Care and Maintenance


When we have invested our time and money, we aim for the best return. The same principle applies to our care. When we have invested quality time and money to get braids, we hope to keep the effect longer.

But like everything else, braids have a “deadline” or a “good-until-date.” The timeline can depend on a variety of factors, but a positive note is that there are considerations you can take to increase the lifespan of your braids.

Thus, if you have just gotten your Medium Box Braids or your Mohawk Braids, proper braid care can help increase your braids’ lifespan and keep the hair as great as you had it at the beginning.

  • Keep your scalp moisturized. A dry scalp can lead to flakiness and other skin conditions. Choose natural ingredients and avoid rubbing hard on your scalp.
  • Let your braids get some “air”. Tying up your braids all the time can compromise the quality of your hair edges. Avoid pulling your braids tightly. Choose different styles for your braids to let them get some legroom.
  • Wash your braids on a schedule to avoid dirt or product buildup. You can also dry wash the braids and wipe down the scalp to remove unwanted particles.

Braid care and maintenance may require longer patience and other products. Our hair salon services can help you achieve and preserve the braid style that you are always after.

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