Taking Care of Your Braided Hair


It’s not a secret that braids, such as large box braids, have always been in style for many years. You can’t beat their practicality, style, and cuteness. More importantly, famous celebrities like Zendaya are sporting this style, so it’s only fitting to give it a try.

After your appointment, braids can last for a few weeks without touch-ups. However, certain upkeep is necessary to keep your braids looking and feeling fresh for a longer period.

The most time-consuming part of maintaining braided Hair Styles is applying moisture. The fact that your hair is now knotted from extension braids does not reduce the necessity for regular moisturizing.

If you’re shampooing your braids, doing this is even more essential so that no residue from the shampoo is left behind. If you have other styles like mohawk braids, you need to be extra careful.

Braids may be washed with shampoo, as long as you use a mild, moisturizing solution, and don’t wash them too often since this can cause the braids to become loose and frizzy. Braids only need to be washed once a week if you have curly hair.

For less frizz in the morning, sleep with a silk or satin hat, scarf, or pillowcase. If your braids start to appear old after a few weeks, many hair salon services offer a touch-up.

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