Wash or Not? How to Clean Box Braids



Should braids be washed? If you are confused about washing braids and can’t seem to picture it out, you are not alone. Many people especially those who are new to getting braids have not been aware of how the “washing” happens.

Yes, braids – whether you have Tree Braids or Mohawk Braids – just like any other hairstyle should be washed. Clean hair is important for hair care.

Box braids are a distinctive and popular option. Let us explore how to properly clean this style.

Good preparation starts with understanding the needs of the hair. Scalp dryness or product buildup can be among the issues that need to be addressed first. Without solving this pertinent problem, the whole cleaning activity will not achieve its purpose.

A super clean base to start the work can be achieved by “clarifying” or the use of a deeply-cleaning shampoo to get rid of buildup and dirt before rinsing out. If there is not too much buildup, you can go directly to “cleansing”. A moisturizing shampoo can give the hydration your hair needs. Rinse the hair until water is clear to thoroughly get rid of the product used. Next is conditioning to preserve the hair’s condition before you dry it out with a towel.

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