Why You Should Try Out Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


Mohawk braids are more than just a daring fashion statement. This style doesn’t need you to shave off your hair, so anyone may opt for a new look without committing to a permanent change.

In addition, you only need to do simple hair care. This technique of braiding protects your hair from the elements, grime, and pollution you encounter daily.

A properly braided mohawk can last almost two weeks with proper maintenance and will look better with the help of our hair salon in Lanham, Maryland. So, what are some mohawk updo-s you can try for a fresh, new look?

  • Stylish braided mohawk updo

    You can show off your gorgeous neck, ears, and long face with this mohawk do because it is styled into a compact, on-trend updo. This type of hairstyle will highlight your natural attractiveness.

  • Braided sides mohawk with weave

    Women who lack the confidence to trim the sides of their hair or experience difficulty with their hair’s growth rate opt for the braided sides mohawk with weave instead.

  • Sleek braided mohawk with extensions

    Braided mohawks with extensions are hip because you may experiment with bold hair styles and colors, and it gives you additional styling options. You can style them in a ponytail, with or without curls, or left straight.

Are you interested in trying out mohawk braids or other styles like medium box braids and more? Stelly Bums is here to give you a makeover! Get in touch with us today at 774-477-9606!

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