How Do Protective Hairstyles Affect Your Hair?



When it comes to protective hairstyles, braids are a popular option — and with good reason. African braiding in Lanham, Maryland has a rich history and was used as part of tribal customs in Africa. Today, they are a protective and creative style that can be used to showcase your natural beauty and personal style, but how do these protective hairstyles affect your hair? In this blog article, we discuss their impact on your hair:

  • Protect your hair from frizziness.
    Over-styled hair can become dry which increases the risk of breakage and frizziness. By having a protective hairstyle like tree braids, you don’t have to style your hair daily. Hence, your hair is protected from environmental factors like water and heat exposure.
  • Promote a healthy scalp.
    The key to a healthy head of hair is a healthy scalp. People often choose hairstyles that lead to the over-styling of hair that sometimes puts too much tension on the scalp. When the scalp is covered by hairstyles that do not provide exposure to water, oxygen, and moisture, it can cause the scalp to become scaly or dry. This can also lead to product buildup which leads to greasiness and long-term dulling over time.
  • Lock in moisture in the strands.
    Protective styles like mohawk braids lock in your hair’s natural moisture by locking in the strands so that they are not exposed to the elements. If you are in the habit of styling your hair daily or have a busy lifestyle, braids are a great way to protect your hair while maintaining your personal style.

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