How to Choose the Right Braid Style for Your Hair Type?



Choosing the right braid style for your hair type can be a delightful challenge, especially with the variety offered by African braiding in Lanham, Maryland. Here are essential tips for choosing the best style:

  • Assess Your Hair Texture

    Different hair textures hold braids differently. If you have coarser hair, it may hold intricate braids like Mohawk braids better, offering a striking look that lasts. If you have finer hair, it might require more gentle styles that don’t put too much tension.

  • Consider Your Hair Length

    Your hair length can greatly influence your braid choice. If you have longer hair, it can provide more versatility. If yours is shorter, it may be more suited to styles like tree braids, which add both length and fullness.

  • Think About Maintenance

    Some braided styles require more upkeep. So, if you’re after low-maintenance options, consider Bohemian knotless braids, which blend seamlessly with natural hair and are easier to care for and maintain.

  • Lifestyle Compatibility

    Your daily routine should also influence your braid choice. If you have an active lifestyle, you might benefit from updo styles, keeping braids out of the way. If you have a less active daily routine, you could opt for more elaborate designs available through hair salon services.

Remember, the key to a great braid experience is not just the style but also the care and expertise with which it’s done. At Stelly Bums, we’re ready to guide you to the perfect braids for your hair type. Call us now!

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