Spiritual Representation of Braided Hair Styles


Getting a medium box, mohawk, or knotless braid in Maryland is not merely a trend. They also possess spiritual representation.

Hence, the next time you get your braids done, remember that braids mean:

  • Societal status. Dutch braids symbolize prestige, wealth, and great influence. Braids, in general, give off a prosperous vibe to the beholder.
  • Good communication. As you talk with other customers at the salon as well as with the professional you entrusted your braid hair styles with, you develop a good interpersonal relationship with them. That being said, getting braids allows you to build strong communication skills.
  • Patience. Waiting for hours to get those large box braids done requires an ample amount of patience. Doing so is an indication that you have overcome haste.
  • Wisdom. Tree braids, in particular, resemble that of a river goddess hair who is known for her wisdom. Getting braids then makes you a wise person.
  • Clarity. As you weave your hair into braids, it is believed that you’re weaving your thoughts at the same time, which gives you clarity in some things.

These representations give hair braiding a different meaning. It shifts people’s perspective from it merely being a style to something that is wonderful for them. Thus, if you’re interested in trying our services, set an appointment with Stelly Bums, your hair salon in Lanham, Maryland, through https://tinyurl.com/25bhm93a. Contact us to get started!

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