Washing Box Braids: Tips for Maintaining Your Braids



After your hair appointment for African braiding in Lanham, Maryland, your box braids look crisp, the edges are polished, and they frame your natural beauty. Even though you have a braided hairstyle, this does not mean you should neglect washing your hair. When you don’t wash enough or stop altogether, you may reverse the benefits of your protective hairstyle. Likewise, here are tips for washing box braids:

  • Clarify your hair.

    Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to get rid of product buildup and provide a clean base to work with. Focus on the roots and the areas where the braids and hair meet as this is where most buildup occurs. Like maintaining mohawk braids, clarifying is an important first step. You can dilute the shampoo with water and use a pointed nozzle for application to penetrate the hair at the roots.

  • Cleanse and hydrate.

    If you don’t have too much product buildup in your large box braids, you can proceed to cleansing. Applying a moisturizing shampoo is a good second step to maintain your braids. Protective styles give your hair a break from heat styling but it’s still crucial to keep your hair hydrated. Rinse until the water runs clear to ensure the product is thoroughly rinsed out.

  • Condition your hair.

    Conditioners smooth and detangle your hair while reducing breakage and split ends. Add moisture to your hair by diluting the conditioner with water to make it easier to rinse out of the braids. For braided hairstyles, opt for conditioners with moisturizing, detangling, and scalp-soothing properties, so it doesn’t weigh your braids down.

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