What Are the Different Types of Knotless Braids?



Knotless braids are a variation of braids with knot-free extensions. With the knotless braid in Maryland, the roots are smooth and flat which provides a unique appearance. They are quickly growing in popularity as they put less stress and tension on the hair and scalp than other braid styles. If you are considering knotless braids, here are the different ways they can be styled:

  • Bohemian Braids

    Bohemian knotless braids usually have undone curly ends to provide a fuller, more voluminous look. Only the first few inches are braided while the rest is left undone and curly. This protective hairstyle is ideal for those who like lengthy braids. As the name suggests, they deliver a nice bohemian vibe to your look.

  • Medium Knotless Mohawk

    This hairstyle uses medium-sized braids styled into a mohawk. The sides can be shaved or tapered to provide a more polished look. A tapered cut along with the knotless mohawk hairstyle provides more convenience as less hair means less work. It also promotes healthier hair as the tapered sides can be an initial step in the process of growing healthy hair.

  • Fulani Knotless Braids

    Long Fulani braids are half-knotless hair styles that typically last between 3 to 6 weeks. However, this varies based on how well they are maintained and how quickly your hair grows. This protective braid keeps your hair away from your face and can be done in small, medium, or large braids depending on your preference.

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